500 Lines Or Less

written by Kunal Arya on 2016-07-26

The Architecture of Open Source Applications collects many usable, yet easy-to-grasp, projects together, all of which are fewer than 500 lines in total. The hit a good balance between complexity and digestibility, specifically demonstrating a computationally feasible solution (e.g. the job shop scheduler uses simulated annealing).

Link: Neural Networks for Hackers

written by Kunal Arya on 2016-06-05

The article "Hacker's Guide to Neural Networks" is an excellent, intuitive primer for anyone wanting to delve into NN. But moreso than that, it is a great example of how to introduce a complex topic in a way that is grounded by physical analogy.

Reframing Goals and Motivation

written by Kunal Arya on 2014-08-29

Edmond Lau at The Effective Engineer has recently written an interesting way to stay motivated and remain positive by reframing current life goals as stepping stones rather than ends in themselves. This relieves the pressure of achieving something significant, instead focusing on growing significantly.

The perception that a dissertation is a masterpiece plagues grad students (a trap I fell into), and can easily lead to burn out and disappointment. But graduate school is nothing if not a path where mistakes are supposed to be made. It is precisely the sort of stepping stone the Lau and the cited research by Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson refer to.

Hello, World

written by Kunal Arya on 2014-08-28

This is my new online presence. It will be a place for me to post tutorials, helpful links, discuss my research & engineering work, and increase my exposure to potential new collaborations.

I hope you find it useful! I welcome any comments or feedback!