I am a computer engineer with a strong computer science background. My niche is automation techniques in mixed hardware/software cosynthesis, targeting robust design methodologies for reconfigurable embedded systems, graphics processor acceleration (e.g. CUDA), correctness/verification through SAT, BDD, and model checking techniques, and language/compiler design.


I started programming in 1994, explored early web development in 1997, and discovered computer engineering and hardware description languages as an undergraduate. This experience culminated in the EPTSM project at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, a silicon calibration system used to measure radiation damage for the 2020 ATLAS sensor upgrade at the LHC.

In 2007, I entered the M.S./Ph.D. program working with Professor Forrest Brewer at UC Santa Barbara. There, we focused on research on design automation of heterogeneous architectures, particularly reconfigurable embedded FPGAs.

I have enjoyed working with Fifth Gait Technologies on novel architectures for image processing algorithms for atmospheric distortion mitigation, and have worked with Aurrion, Inc. across a variety of functional groups. I will soon be working with the Quantum A.I. Lab at Google on new FPGA-based architectures for calibrating and programming superconducting qubits.

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Feel free to contact me at "me" at this domain dot com.

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I enjoy photography, typography, music, & cooking.